Residential cleaning


Residential cleaning

A clean home is a safe, pleasant, and comfortable place always ready to share with the lives that matter most to us.

A busy lifestyle makes it difficult to complete daily cleaning tasks and Gold Multiservices is here to give you the best cleaning experience possible giving your home the tender loving care it deserves.

We take into account your cleaning preferences and adapt to your specific needs, always guaranteeing a high-quality service without contracts, which will allow you to update your cleaning plan at any time without complications.

Our cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum cleaner: We vacuum all floors in each room. This includes stairs, carpeted rooms, wood, linoleum, and tile floors. We will remove the cushions from the furniture and vacuum the crumbs, pet hair, and dust.
  • Dust – We dust every surface in your home to reduce allergens. This includes picture frames, light fixtures, fan blades, windows, blinds, wardrobes, entertainment centers, dressers, end tables, and more. We will remove the cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling and make sure that there are no traces of dust.
  • Scrubbing -We mop hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. We will also clean dirty baseboards.
  • Disinfect: we disinfect high-use areas, electrical outlets, door plates, toilets, kitchen countertops.
  • Clean – We clean and scrub bathroom faucets, sinks, mirrors, vanities, countertops, and surrounding areas. We scrub soap scum and mold from tile, grout, and glass shower doors. In the kitchen, we clean the stove, control knobs, cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes. We clean grease and food splatters in your microwave and clean the exterior of all appliances.
  • Final touches: We empty all trash cans.

Depending on how much activity there is in your home we have regular plans of once a week or every two weeks our cleaning specialists will take care of your home and you can have more free time.

Additional services include:

  • Emergency cleaning.
  • Cleaning for special events.
  • Cleaning of removals.
  • Eventual cleaning.

We adapt to your needs, preferences and budgets, we always want to make life easier.

Contact us to learn more about the cost of cleaning your home, prices vary according to the size of your house or apartment and the state it is in.

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